ONLINE Reservation:

The website under the address is a marketing tool proposed by the company managing the website .

The online booking module present on our site, is a tool

Bank details entered to make an online booking are entered at

Transactions made on the online booking module are made for the benefit of

The general conditions of sales and cancellation applicable are mentioned on the page of the chalet Monte Bianco.


Online booking is not the only way to make a reservation.

Booking with CONTRACT:

You can contact us by mail or via the form.

All bookings made outside the online booking service result in an email exchange, the drafting of a contract and the joint decision between the parties of the settlement method that may be; transfer IBAN, a VAD, payment by check (euro check French).

For contractual reservations, the booking and cancellation conditions are as follows;

Booking conditions:

  • 25% deposit requested upon signature of the contract.

  • 25% extra at J-60


  • Either on the spot for a settlement in Eurocheque (French), cash or credit card (euor card - master card, maestro, credit card)

  • Either 7 days before the start of the stay if payment by transfer

Terms of cancelation :

  • Until J-61: 100 € flat rate

  • From D-60 to D-16: 50% of the amount

  • At D-15: 75% of the amount

  • No SHOW: 100% of the amount is due.

Attention: all bank charges attached to a payment by transfer remains the responsibility of the customer.