The Monte BIANCO

To fully understand the atmosphere of our cottage that corresponds to what we are, we offer:
in the ski day.
good meals; full and varied breakfast, a snack to wait before the meal prepared by our chef.
the glass of friendship before the meal; the opportunity to exchange with other guests.
after skiing and evenings spent reading (libraries at your disposal) or discovering a board game; there is something for everyone, fun game, strategy game, expert or family board game.
Friends bridgeurs you are particularly welcome.
? quiet and relaxing nights; a quiet village and bedding of very good quality. The chalet offers a wifi network.

In summary, MONTE BIANCO; it is
? Calm and tranquility
? Comfort
? breakfast.
? dinner including wine
? taste after skiing
? back to ski
? gondola at 100m
? shuttle stop at 100m to connect other villages
? any length of stay; from 2 nights
? possibility of delivering ski passes at the public rate
? packaged rate including ski pass? make your request
? enjoy an extra day of skiing; a shower is at your disposal.
? Outdoor SPA.
? beautiful toy library, games evenings.