Ski passes

We are contracted to deliver ski passes directly to the chaleto

  • Either in a packaged offer including your stay and the ski pass, and in this case depending on the week take advantage of reductionso

Either on site, like any ski lift ticket office, at the public rate.Whatever your choice, no more expectations, you leave directly from the chalet with the ski pass in your pocket.

For packaged offers, as these requests can be personalized, it is preferable to contact us directly so that we can provide you with a quote. no online reservation of a packaged offer possible.The validity of a packaged offer is conditional on a presale of the ski pass on day 7.

The station

Great skiing, wide open spaces, multi-activity, entertainment, concerts…. request the program. MyTignes card - summer
We are contracted accommodation, we can issue you the myTignes cards, which give you free access to a choice of activity, and in particular unlimited access to the ski lifts and the bike park.

Ski equipment

We work with this store Proximity, Professionalism, Choice, Quality and customer service; benefit from an additional reduction thanks to a specific code. Ask us for the code.

Hotel le DĂ´me - Small family structure 2 stars

Eager to improve your comfort, not being able to push the measures, we chose to reduce our capacity - historically listed for 51 people, we have gone to 33 people in 14 rooms,and this winter we will welcome you from now on in 10 rooms and for 19 people maximum. This choice started last winter takes on its full meaning in this period of distancing. more info here: